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Who Is Mistah Wilson?

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Michael Taylor has two alter egos: Bing Bing and Mistah Wilson...respectively. Mistah Wilson is tha Man behind ThaWilsonBlock and all of its various outlets while Bing Bing is just a rapper. A foster kid since birth, Mistah Wilson is a local artist from Pasadena, California who uses his platform to benefit other local talents like himself. Mistah Wilson specializes in conceptual street sign photography and helps local artists share their story through exclusive interviews and special features. is the culmination of all of his own work that has been spread out across different platforms and time eras. ThaWilsonBlock Network, ThaWilsonBlock Magazine, WilsonBlock100 Radio, and Pasadena Music Scene all condensed into one central digest with a user-friendly search & browse interface. To learn more about our platform, click here

About Conceptual Street Sign Photography

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Conceptual Street Sign Photography are landscape formatted photographs of street signs and the different concepts created from shooting at different angles. Tha term 'Conceptual' is added to 'street sign photography' to emphasize street signs as tha prime subject of tha images taken.

Mistah Wilson has taken tha liberty in calling this 'Conceptual Street Sign Photography' and has been doing it faithfully since 2013/2014. Mistah Wilson discovered this art form after finishing The Historic 33mile Walk for Empowerment from Altadena to Long Beach on August 20th, 2014. He took pictures of street signs to document the long-distance walks, and soon enough, had a pretty extensive collection of street sign photographs. "It just looked like it was worth something. So, I kept going." -Mistah Wilson

Mistah Wilson, tha only conceptual street sign photographer you know, has brought your favorite street signs to market! What has become a vital part of our brand, you can now order in duo-tone colors on apparel, merch, home goods, and other cool stuff! A great way to represent where you're from in a positive and authentic way!

What is ThaWilsonBlock Magazine?

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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine is a digital publication that is committed to revival & preservation of local arts. ThaWilsonBlock Magazine debuted it's first issue in 2013 and has since campaigned 67 consecutive weekly/monthly issue releases. ThaWilsonBlock Magazine was formed after Ning sold their platform to Glam and Mistah Wilson's internship with tha Dena Magazine concluded.

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine is tha platform Mistah Wilson uses to publish written articles such as news, reviews, and exclusive interviews whereas WilsonBlock100 Radio is used as a platform for more audio-based content. ThaWilsonBlock Magazine is released via blogs, text/email, and social media. Our syndicated blogs include Leimert Park Beat, Culver City Times, Echo Park Online, Silver Lake Star, Rancho Park Online, University Park Family, Washington DC Jazz Network, San Pedro News Pilot, The Film Portal, Thisis80, Black Preaching Network, and more. ThaWilsonBlock Magazine publishes its online magazines on and instant download from a private server. ThaWilsonBlock Magazine IS NOT distributed on Apple, Google, or any other platforms outside of tha aforementioned sites.

Mistah Wilson's plans for ThaWilsonBlock Magazine has always been to be a digital publication. It has served as a reliable archive for our readers, subscribers, artists, and fans of Pasadena music. ThaWilsonBlock Magazine accepts pre-sale orders on digital copies for those who like to support local talent. Every issue is available for free online viewing and instant download. You can also find some of our issues released on YouTube with exclusive music from local artists! If you want to support Mistah Wilson's mission of building a supportive local music scene, you can check out our Donate page here. If you would like to read & download issues of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine, click here

What is WilsonBlock100 Radio?

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WilsonBlock100 Radio exists for two reasons: to highlight local music and local artists. 

"Bringing you tha best in local music!"

 WilsonBlock100 Radio is essentially tha official radio station bringing you authentic content from Mistah Wilson such as radio shows, exclusive interviews, restaurant reviews, and so much more. WilsonBlock100 Radio started in 2014 around tha time Mistah Wilson was running tha Los Angeles Marathon to raise money for foster children. Over tha years, tha purpose of WilsonBlock100 Radio has only gotten bigger. Today, it is a primary platform Mistah Wilson uses to publish his audio-related content.

Through WilsonBlock100 Radio, Mistah Wilson conducts exclusive in-person interviews with guests about their career, goals, and experiences and boasts one of tha largest archives of authentic Pasadena Music-related content than anywhere on tha web. Today, WilsonBlock100 Radio is an integral part of our content strategy. WilsonBlock100 Radio is published on Spreaker and syndicated on Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts, Castbox, JioSaavn, Listen Notes, Podimo, Player FM, Deezer, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, and more. WilsonBlock100 Radio DOES NOT syndicate to spotify anymore.

What is Pasadena Music Scene?

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Pasadena Music Scene is tha official platform for Pasadena, CA-based local music, artists, and content. It was created along with tha Bringing It Together movement, a movement Mistah Wilson started to encourage local artists to take photos together demonstrating tha values of Love, Peace, & Unity. Through ThaWilsonBlock Network, Mistah Wilson had an idea for a unified local music scene. Because other publications around town wouldn't showcase local talent, Mistah Wilson created a way to do just that with tha Pasadena Music Scene Bi-Weekly newsletter which only saw a handful of volumes. Through that publication, Mistah Wilson was able to give cover issues to deserving local artists from tha Pasadena / Altadena region. Mistah Wilson then went on to intern at Pasadena Media where he would produce tha Pasadena Music Scene TV Show on his down time. Since then, Pasadena Music Scene has rescinded it's publications and has been reserved by Mistah Wilson as a pilot for his ultimate vision: A United Local Music Scene organization that is committed to artist development. 

The idea behind Pasadena Music Scene is that it's an institution that is to always be owned and operated by local artists, and not governed by a city entity. The philosophy behind this is artists knowing what they need more than accountants and policymakers would. And to keep tha future of artist development alive and well for generations to come. The Local Music Scene belongs to Local Artists. 

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