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Simona Mangiante on Attending The New York Film Academy "I Was The Most 'Unconventional' Student In The Entire School"

Mistah Wilson: Before we get into tha meat of things, I want to discuss education. You attend New York Film Academy. How was your experience?
Simona Mangiante: As I said though I am a lawyer by education I am an artist by heart. With my first savings at the EU, I paid for my acting school in New York- summer program. At the time I attended the New York film academy, I was a functionary at the European Union. This didn’t prevent me from
pursuing my creative ambitions and as my parents wouldn’t support them I did it on my own with the results of my work at the EU. I used an alias, that a changed a few times, to keep privacy at my work. I remember when I revealed my real name to my classmates at NYFA they googled it and they couldn’t believe I was an attorney at the EU. I was the most "unconventional" student in the entire school. But that’s what a real artist is about, isn’t it? Thinking Out of the box! I was far from the stereotype of the aspiring actress, auditioning all day and having a side job, I was a full time attorney and a side acting student. Mostly to give oxygen to my creative side rather than for pursuing an acting career at the time. My real passion was fashion. I did modeling, photo shooting occasionally for different brands until I got a full time job at some point with Versace... but I’ll talk about it later...

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