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Samantha Goldberg on Interviewing Donald Trump "His Life Has Changed Much Since Presidency"

Mistah Wilson: Who are some people you've interviewed and who would you like to interview some time in the future? 
Samantha Goldberg: I have a rather interesting list of Celebrities. John Stamos, Kathy Griffin, Trump, Shaun O Brien ( Giants), Michael Jordan, Malinda Williams, DNIce, Haley Vasser ( Phil's Daughter), Stephen Tyler, Vinnie Vella, Tony Ray Rossi, Red Foxx, Rick Fox and many others. I would love to interview Bradley Cooper ( Esp after Star is Born) the back story is amazing- Ellen Degeneres- She's fun animated like me! I would also like to formally interview Trump again- His life has changed much since Presidency- Oprah would be on that list as she took her career all the way- Branded herself etc that is essentially my own personal goal today! I wonder what regrets she has/had with breaking off into her own empire? 

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