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Rey Avalon on The Meaning Behind His Alias

Mistah WilsonYou were formally known as Cali Allstarr and released a couple projects under that alias such as the California Blend mixtape series. Tell us about what inspired tha name "Rey Avalon"... 
Rey AvalonRey means "King" in spanish so I really wanted to keep my latino roots in the name. Avalon means "Unique" or "One of a Kind" and is also the name of Santa Catalina Island only City "Avalon". I really wanted a LA marketable name, so I ran with it and I love it. Cali Allstarr was the young me, I grew and so did my music, so I needed something to sound more "Mature". Basically Rey Avalon is the New Cali Allstarr. I even go by my ego-trippen name Cali Rey.

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