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Ice Cube on Female Head Coaches in BIG3 "Gender Never Mattered To Me When It Came To Doing The Job"

In an exclusive interview with Vibe Magazine, Ice Cube talks "inclusivity"...

"To me, it’s important not to discriminate in any way, shape, or form. Talent is talent. I’ve been able to recognize talent my whole career, so to have a league like this and apply it to that [is great]. Gender never mattered to me when it came to doing the job so I’ve always felt like if the opportunity came that we want the best people for the job. And luckily, Nancy Lieberman took the job in 2018 and won the championship that year. Coach of the Year, too. Then, Lisa Leslie came the next year and agreed to be a coach. These are Hall of Fame basketball players, you know? They’re not just any old person. These are quality players, prestigious players. So, to have them join the league, I was happy. And then she wins the championship and Coach of the Year, so we could throw all of the test studies out of the window. There should be a woman coaching in the NBA, without a doubt. Several, not just one."

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