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Brooke Jean "Material Items And Money Do Not Hold The Key To My Heart"

Mistah Wilson: Do you have any positive, encouraging words for any up and coming artists?
Brooke Jean: You will go through heaven and hell as you progress to make a name for yourself. You will realize a lot of people do not support you but on the other hand tons of other beautiful beings are there the entire journey. Your faith will be tested and your strength will be teased. Never give up if you're truly passionate about being an artist. You can NOT be in it for the money because your character will fall victim to the dollar.

Mistah Wilson: One last thing. Where do you find your motivation when pursuing your dreams?
Brooke Jean: I see elders 60-90 years old and hear stories of how unhappy they are in their J O B and with life in general. When I realized material items and money do not hold the key to my heart, I promised myself I will never grow old unhappy doing what I don't want to do. Even if pursuing my dream leads me to homelessness, my motivation will always find a way back on my feet.

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