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Big Daddy Kane vs KRS-One in the Next ‘Verzuz’ Matchup

It’s official – the next Verzuz will feature two of the greatest rappers of all time: Big Daddy Kane & KRS-One. It will be going down on Sunday, October 17th in Brooklyn, NY, at the Barclays Center.

It’s been clear this was going to be the battle for a while as Verzuz sent out a shaded version of the poster for the battle, asking fans to guess who the matchup will be. For years Big Daddy Kane has talked about how KRS-One was the rap battle he always wanted, even more so than Rakim.

Who’s your favorite for this battle?

Via Okay Player.

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  2. I LOVE both of them. Kris is the teacher and Kane put words together like letterman, his lyric are sickening "if you are what you eat then feed me dope." Because of Kris I'm a vegetarian, he was my history teacher, he helped me seek knowledge of self.