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TreaZon – “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” (Album Review)

Discovering dope new artists is the best thing about this job. Today, we are covering Cleveland based rapper TreaZon‘s latest full length LP, “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”.  A 16-track project consisting of hard hitting beats from a variety of producer complimented with heavy bars and lyrics by the young lyricist. Noticed only a few features by over all a good piece of work.

Getting right into the intro, “Bail”, this has to be one of the best representations of a 100% independent artist.  You technically don’t need anybody backing if you truly have talent, and I agree with that. “Victim”, is a 2 in 1 type song that made me think of all the issues going on today in society.  With the pandemic going on and all these riots fighting for social justice, you will never see TreaZon playing the victim, instead he preached on learning and growing from personal experiences.  Skipping to song like “Alive” and “Paranoia 2”, he switches it up a bit with a catchy hooks letting people know there is no point wasting their time hating, and he gives his fans a inside look of some of the obstacles and pain he’s gone through in his life.

In case you want to listen to his singing skills, you need to stream “Demon Slayer”. This deep song caught me by surprise with the branches of skills he has in his tree of creativity. “Thrill”, a bonus track, is the highlight though. His life story is really inspiring talking about his youth and dreams he had as a kid. Originally is something he really takes serious separating himself from other rappers coming out of Cleveland, and that’s something you can only respect in this game.

Overall after listening to the whole project, TreaZon is a true lyricist and artist who can cater to all Hip Hop heads. If you a underground head, you will respect his skills. If you in a mood of a club or new wave type of commercial flavor, he has that too in this project. I only covered a few songs above, now it’s up to you to listen and enjoy the rest. My score is a 8/10 because,  “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”, I feel is a complete project that covers the full spectrum of Hip Hop. This Cleveland lyricist really stands out in this one!


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