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P.U.R.P. x Trapbyjack – “Trapped in Quarantine” (EP Review)

Atlanta based rapper P.U.R.P. teamed up with his frequent collaborator and producer, Trapbyjack, to release a three track EP titled “Trapped in Quarantine.” It’s a quick project that runs through the the self reflection and personal growth that the artist has experienced since the outbreak started.

The project leads with a fairly cocky and intentionally generic song about the usual topics a rapper would brag about. The bass hits hard, the delivery is pretty solid, and it form a conceptual standpoint, I think it’s a pretty decent lead in for a project that is supposed to be about maturity and growth. The next two songs are more serious and carry an air of honestly and openness, reflecting on the struggles P.U.R.P. had growing up, and how they affect him now.

The production level is top notch. All three beats are engaging, well executed, and unique. To back that up, the vocal performances aren’t bad either. P.U.R.P. doesn’t provide me with any new favorite lines, but he holds his own with a solid pen game. He can throw punches and tell stories while running the the beat with a precise and articulate flow.

My only gripe with the EP is that it just isn’t long enough. I fully believe he could have carried the same level of quality into more songs, and it’s disappointing that he didn’t. I truly believe his intended concept for the project, P.U.R.P. growing as a person and an artist, would have been much better articulated through just a couple more songs. As it stands, this feels like a Cliffnotes version of any 3 act redemption story arch, even though there is a clear space for more details and intriguing aspects to be shared. 

I’m not saying that P.U.R.P. is the greatest rapper alive and a must listen, but “Trapped in Quarantine” left me wishing for more. Because it’s so short, it may not grab the attention of your average listener enough for them to desire a full length album incorporating the same premise and/or songs. It just kind of exists in this seemingly unfinished state.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Production, Concept, Flow

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