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Wi-Fi the Webbslinger – “(Vol.1ne) Rootimentary” (Album Review)

Harlem holds a special place for Hip Hop when it comes to legendary music with names like Big L, Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.  With the old wave paving the road for new music in 2020, we will be covering Wi-Fi the Webbslinger aka SpideR-$tyleZ and his new project, “(Vol.1ne)Rootimentary” slated for release on all platforms on Sept. 20th, 2020.  Produced mainly by Anno Domini Nation with exception to “Alpha” and “Fish ain’t Bitin’” , this 9-track project is a cohesive work of art made by a true lyricist.  Typical rappers rap over anything, but a lyricist takes time to select the right beats with a goal in making a complete project that fit’s his style.  “Rootimentary” is the 1st of 7ven in “The Soul Gem Saga”, a series dedicated to the evolution of being and the growth of Hip Hop personified. Wi-Fi says, “in essence this album is about survival. The mind state it takes to survive and the conditions which bring it about.

“Alpha” is the intro to the project, which I feel was the perfect track to start with.  With a bar heavy flow over a smooth beat, it really got me into the mood in actually streaming the rest.  With “Get A Gripp”, Wi-Fi the Webbslinger give a glimpse of life in the streets of Harlem.  “HyperNormalization” lifts the consciousness with a message of education and how important it is.  “SKeWed ViEwS” dives into politics and surviving the mis-infromation the government give us.  After listening to this song, it really opened my eyes respecting how Wi-Fi is actualy talking about real topics.

Front to back, it’s a complete project that a fan could listen to, and actually learn from.  I kinda feel like Wifi is taking aim at radio stations and how they feed non-productive trap and party music to the masses, mainly targeting the youth.  Does the music on the radio actually help our young people get out the streets?  I don’t think so! If our younger generation could get an opportunity to listen to project like “(Vol.1ne) Rootimentary”, it would be a life changing experience.

It’s refreshing to see artists like Wi-Fi the Webbslinger putting Harlem back on the map when it comes down to dope un-filtered Hip Hop.  “(Vol.1ne) Rootimentary” to me will go down as a classic to start off the “The Soul Gem Saga” series.  To be honest, we feel like this project should drop a bit sooner than September.  The only track off the project that is out is “Get a Gripp”, which you can stream below.  Engineering wise, the vocals and mix down could of been a bit more polished, but the message and purpose of this project definitely overshadows that.  We score this project a 7/10.


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