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Unified Highway – “Headlines” (Album Review)

Since covering Unified Highway with their video, “Unique”, featuring Reverie we’ve definitely been looking forward in listening to the new full length project released in April, “Headlines”. Made up of Rebelution vocalist/guitarist Eric Rachmany and renowned producer, DJ, and remixer Amp Live (formerly of Zion I), you get exactly what you expect as they have grown collectively dating back to their debut group project back in 2016.  Currently they have over a quarter million listeners on Spotify with their biggest markets being some of the best entertainment capitals in the nation: L.A., Denver, San Fran, Dallas, and Seattle. The mesh of alternative music and reggae over electronic beats by a Hip Hop legend is something very different and unique, quite honesty, really refreshing too especially during these times in quarantine.

Let’s first highlight one of the best collabs we’ve heard in a while, “Higher Than High”, featuring the one and only Del The Funky Homosapien of Hieroglyphics / Deltron3030.  Some Hiero tied into some Rebelution and Zion I was really dope!.  “Headline” is the second track off the project and sets the perfect stage to what type of music this whole project encompasses. “Two Days” and “Unique” are perfect love songs to play in any setting when you are with your lady.  With “Sun Jam”, “Education Motivation”, and “The Truth”, you hear and enjoy the true creative cohesiveness between Eric and Amp as ultimate musicians. For all the heavy Reggae heads and smokers, make sure you check out “The Session” and “Fierce”.

Overall, we can’t give “Headlines” a lower score than a 9/10. The high score is because this is a complete 12-track piece of art, more of a rarity project if you think about it.  If it was a perfect world, we would give it a 10! The vast catalog of past music Eric Rachmany and Amp Live is un-matched, and to see that they came together again and gave us a gem like this for 2020 is definitly appreciated by music fans worldwide.


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