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Ruggo – “Gifted” (Album Review)

Recently covering Ruggo‘s latest video “Camisado” which dropped last month, it gave us increased interest on his new 11-track album, “Gifted“.  When you think of Sylmar, CA (suburb North of Los Angeles), Hip Hop doesnt really ring the bell, but Ruggo’s mission is to change that.  He is a young up-coming emcee who in my opinion is a bar heavy type rapper mixed with a dope vocalist when it comes down to hooks.  We will be covering a few of the songs off the project and giving it score below. Even though we are some heads who are boom bap philanthropists, there is nothing wrong is listening to new wave music by these youngsters.

Starting with “High Hopes”, since we covered “Camisado” already, its a deep song that encompasses the whole project and what it’s all about, believing in yourself and living life with no regrets. Sometimes you have to break out your shell to get what you want. Starting with a oldies type introduction, “Warm October Nights”, defiantly sets the mood to look forward to October in Cali since we are all stuck inside during this quarantine.  My favorite track off the project is, “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. It’s a humble song talking about learning from your mistakes and working hard while practicing patience in getting what you want.  If you feeling down and out, I recommended streaming that song for some upliftment.  If you looking for the soulful music in the project, check out “Gifted”, the self titled track off the project.

The production and mixing on this project is on point.  Ruggo really made sure all the songs were mastered and mixed down correctly.  If you are a rapper who is reading this, make sure you focus on this aspect of your project too! Especially if it’s your debut project while you spilling your heart and soul on all the songs.  Ruggo’s debut project came correct, and we score this a 8/10!  I only covered a few songs off the project, now it’s up you to check out the rest.  It’s a dope complete project which will only grow Ruggo’s brand for future works ahead.


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