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Rap Innovators – “Innovative Movement” (Album Review)

Atlanta, GA Hip Hop group Rap Innovators drops there 1st album “Innovative Movement“, The ATL artist with nostalgic schemes reminds you of a mixture of Outkast and Carter 3 Wayne very dangerous elements to merge together. The album begins with a skit called “Don’t Label Us” which is the group explaining their style is not boxed in like most fans do to artist who are lyrical inclined. We see this thought Hip-Hop were the labels limit how the world views the artist and or group. Wu-tang Clan is one go the greatest groups of all time but not given the credit for making stellar musical compositions like there counter parts in G-funk and west coast compositions.

There always has to be shift in music we’re one eras production is driven and another is lyric driven we as new age fans and artist are learning to compress these elements together. We start the album with “true rhythm” which sets a solid tempo for the album I love the care free style and feel of the track making it flow effortless.

“Ima Be Now” featuring Jon Chandler starts with a melodic production with an introspective vibe reminding me of dreamville artist Cozz this combination was magic I love the hook as it brings the song to life enhancing the perception of the album. H.B.T.Y Featuring the beautiful voice of Eleise, Her dynamic soul voice absolutely brings the essence of the song to life as she sonically takes it to new tiers. The positive outlook and political substance is what makes this group a possible stable in the future of music.

“Bringing The Soul” is just that a soul rhythmic track were the artist flame the production. I live the infusion of old and new elements and even a reggae element. “Good Die Young” is a beautiful hook it immediately captures your attention like I can see it on the tv show power, very impactful because it takes about the mind state of a young Male copping with life. “Kings & Queens” the outro track was dope it summed up our culture in the African diaspora perfectly, ” Don’t listen to the nonsense just listen to your conscious”. For more music news & updates from “Rap Innovators” follow the group on social media and stream on all major platforms including Spotify.  Follow them on Instagram @rapinnovators.

Rate: 8

Highlights: Substance & songwriting

Dislikes: None


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