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Masta Cypher Devine x GoomSon – “SP1000 BEAT TAPE” (Review)

Masta Cypher Devine and GoomSon release a beat tape titled “SP1000 BEAT TAPE“ , From 1st glance I really didn’t know what to expect but the cover immediately gave me a golden era feel. As I began this tape with a completely open mind I was able to visually see the music come to life as it went along but the tone was set by the 1st track “Mute Group”. The golden era feel confirmed my assumptions of how this tape might sound sonically.

The small but impactful statement by Rich Rok was the lead off that gave a simple beat life, The cypher sounds is what I call this type of music, not many distractions in the instrumental made for fluidity. As we continue the cuts we find a irrie grimey sound in “Turncate” that came right out the dungeon. You can feel a NY east coast influence in the baselines. The water drops sonically give this track a spooky overtone I can hear a legend like BIG L or JOEY BADASS inside of its pockets.


“Sequence” was a beautiful cut, the sounds reminds me of the flutes that makeup the ancient Chinese compositions. It was like a musical love story told through beats and flutes very rememberable. “Resample” was basic formula sounds more late 80s then golden era but still rock to the Hip-Hop enthusiast across the board. “Patch Phrase” was a break from the hollow type sounds and more bass oriented thumb. Still the classic break beat that seems to be consistent throughout the whole tape but a West coast touch added just to top it off.

“Tap Tempo” was probably my fav cut on here and its because of the beautiful vocals that lead off this instrumental & the pianos used to smooth out the overall cut. “Play Loop” gave me a AZ and Big L type vibe from the beginning more so BIG L, Not the best sonic sound as it kinda gets annoying. This album is very redundant and you don’t want to get stuck in complacency. I would recommend switching up the drums and trying to make every song completely different from the others.

“Wave Edit” was a Instrumental that stood out a bit I liked the strings used to bring this story to life but again the back beat reminds me of every song on this tape.  “Fx Assign” Had a Island & Desperado type of feel to it I can see a dope manifestation from this atmosphere given to the right artist. I believe this can be an even better instrumental re approached with different drums. Check out more music and stay up to date with Masta Cypher Devine & Goomson

Rate: 6/10

Highlights: Use of Strings and Pianos

Dislikes: All Back Beats sound the same


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