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Cee Gee Incorporated – “Classical Gifted” (Album Review)

I was very excited to start this album review as Cee Gee from Buffalo New York dropped a compilation project produced by himself and a host of rappers titled “Classical Gifted”.  The Charlie Brown style cover captured my eye immediately, Track 1 was called “Butapub” creating a show atmosphere were each artist raps after each other. The high energy flow with witty high octane bars creates a solid 1st song of the album. The songwriting and deliver impact is superb I believe every word.

Another track that stood out to me was “Classical Gifted” dark mellow production with gorilla bars on top of it, The energy was gritty and New York I can feel the passion within BNA and Crontona P on this one. “Picasso Portraits” was about the rise from the struggle mentally brought to life like by Magno Garcia over a Cee Gee production, the instrumental is lopped and simple as in this case simplicity is good as it allows the bass to amplify

“Another Definition” was hard-hitting and fast I loved this take action approach very intense in your face. I can see this song surviving in the licensing world it tells a story sonically from beat to lyrics. I can see music supervisors eating this up for kung fu flicks etc. So far I appreciate the cohesive thought put into this compilation truly top tier in the underground.

“The Needle still drops” was magical and break from the high energy feel to a mellow smooth nostalgic vibe. I especially like the balance it brings to the album adding a new angle to its impact. As we continue the album we run into another standout in “Off The Glass” by Tony Boi & Jamal Gasol. The production in this record is the main part of this song representing  its soul the lyrics are complementary and just an added touch.

“MPCFlash” Irrie but hero elements to this production allows a conquering feel like a triumph. “May 20th” another break from the usual as the beats transitions the album seamlessly. “Underrated” was just that a dope cut and one of my fav on the album the lyrical substance  story told by Sleep Sinatra.

“Super Flea” is a beautiful production the sample made this a classic production I can hear method man all over this. Story told was by Shaun & B who brought the fire with lyrical precision, the narrative aspect to this album makes it relatable and introspective. For more work from Cee Gee add him on social media & down load his latest project “Classical Gifted” on Bandcamp!!  Follow him on Instagram @mrgreen520.

Rate 8.5

Highlights: Great Production /Lyricism

Dislikes: Very Long



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