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Broot McCoy – “Apocalypse Later” (EP Review)

Broot McCoy is an upcoming West Palm Beach Florida area rapper caught a buzz with his latest EP release titled “Apocalypse Later” which introduces us to 6 amazing and influential tracks.  A product of his environment, Broot McCoy’s subject matter tells many stories of growing up in the city of West Palm Beach. Backed by a strong local fanbase, Broot McCoy unveils a high talent level and clearly separates himself for the ever-hungry East Coast underground scene.

This new project is a 6-track effort explains the everyday life on the streets of West Palm Beach, “In Search of” definitely embraces just that. Broot McCoy’s advice is to stay on the grind till you steadily shine. This EP comes as a tour guide into his mind, subject matter and what matters to him the most “Bringing Back Real Hip Hop” for Florida.  We also have to mention the extremely eye-catching album cover art, keeping the uniformity to the overall message and what this album is about.  Broot McCoy’s lyrical abilities have grown fairly since his last promotion we did for him on “Camino” with Buster Wolf back in 2017, but he still has a long way to go as an artist.

Stream Broot McCoy’s new EP Apocalypse Later on Spotify now.

The album boasts a very talented production sound with properly hand-selected beats, and to be honest, Im not to familiar if these beats are either self-produced or otherwise.  Regardless of the fact, all this beats are true heavy-hitters, the album carries a classic East Coast bass/boom bap heavy underground sound.  Noteworthy tracks that I have to point out are “In Search Of ” and my favorite “Persistence (The Key to a Legacy)“, definitely lives up to it as the new artist takes his next step to the next-level limelight.  It’s fearless, in-ya-face and so East Coast. It’s the making of a classic effort by the Florida-native that fans will be talking about for decades.  Make sure to follow him on Instagram @brootmccoy.

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Lyrical, Dope Beats, Attitude, Putting on West Palm Beach, FL


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