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Yung Profhet -“Vida de Rapero” (Album Review)

We recently covered rising Detroit based Chicano rapper Yung Profhet with his video, “Subele al Volume“, off his latest project, “Vida de Rapero“. Since then we looked forward in doing a actual review on the project front to back. Recorded in 2019 at Sound Smith Studios, it was mixed/mastered by Tony Rizzo (Won a co-Grammy for Producing the Clark Sisters). The Album was produced mostly by Detroit producers and Mexican producer Elder El Futuristico. It’s good to see the variety of collabs on there from legends to up-comers who actually preserve the essence of Chicano Rap. The features list include Conejo, Capone, Jae-p, Rasheed (Dope House Records), Duende Manicomio, Doll-e Girl, Leazzy, DJ Los (Toured with Royce da 5’9 & Eminem), and King Quota.

Lets’s get straight to it! He opens the album after the intro with his self titled song that defines the project as a whole on a solo tip, “Vida de Rapero“.  Bar for bar, Yung Profhet kills the beat with a mixture of Spanish verses with English punch lines giving new listeners a reason to become new fans.

A highlight of the project came immediately with that Conejo feature. After talking with YP himself, we learned the collab happened while C.O.N. hit Detroit during “The Midwest Massacre Tour“. There aren’t many rappers out of Detroit who connect with a West Coast staple like that. Being from L.A., if you don’t know who Conejo is, he is one of the fathers of Chicano Rap, especially in the underground.  Make sure to check out the song they did together featuring Capone, “Money Mission“.  Being that Yung Profhet is a master of Spanglish rhymes over heavy bass beats, this feature made perfect since, and is def will be considered a classic timeless track as years pass.

And who is Leazzy? All I got to say is ‘WOW!!!”. That track “Sigo en Lo Mio” is strait fire. She must be one of the dopest female Spanish emcees we’ve heard in a while.  Took me straight to the 90’s Wu-Tang days when that instrumental started playing and Profhet started spittin’.  It’s not everyday I listen to albums, and discover new artists who I immediately add to our radar. After listening to all 11 tracks not counting the intro and skits, hit was hard just to highlight the two tracks that I did so far.

Can’t Fold” is also a joint you need to check out. Yung Profhet spills his soul out with this one. For some reason that song reminded me of some of Nipsey Hussle, when he released those tracks everybody could relate to.  If you want the lyrical ferociousness, make sure to listen to “Motivados” featuring Duende Manicomio and King Quota.  I also really enjoyed the last 2 songs of the album, the extended and Cumbia versions of his selt titled track.

The score I give, “Vida de Rapero“, is a 8/10. This decision is made because I feel this is a complete album that caters to any type of Hip Hop fan, Spanish or English. Now it’s up to you to stream the rest but we we feel this album will go down as a classic for years to come.  It will not disappoint if you strive to find that DOPE!


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