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The New and Hot Artists Are Producing Music with this Equipment In 2020

Novation Launchpad Midi Controller

The music business is excellent if you have what it takes to make it. But the competition between artists is very tough. Everyone tries to make hits and do all sorts of things to get their music to the top.

Making music can be very exciting and fun, but you need to know there is a very steep learning curve ahead of you. You will need plenty of great equipment in the beginning to start your music production journey, and this short blog will help you do that correctly.  

Digital Audio Workstation

The most important thing that you need to have to make music is a digital audio workstation. If you aren’t already aware of it, a DAW is an essential music production software. You can edit, record, and produce audio music using the software. Since you are just getting started, having a computer set up with DAW is crucial to make music. You will be able to do many things using only your mouse and keyboard.


Even though a digital audio workstation allows you to do a lot, it can have plenty of restrictions. You can add a Novation Launchpad MIDI Controller. It will enable you to be free while creating your tunes. A MIDI keyboard gives you much control at your fingertips, allowing you to produce better pieces of art. 

Depending on the music genre you are planning to make, you might need to look into different MIDI controllers. But the one mentioned above should be great to start with.

Headphones and Microphones

Headphones are crucial in the process of music production. You may already have a great pair at home, but they might not be suitable. The reason is that the regular headphones change the sound and only highlight frequencies that will make it better. Meaning, they vary the music according to their settings and try to make it better. 

A proper pair of studio headphones that are made for music production will give you the authentic sound. They won’t highlight any frequencies in particular and give you an accurate picture of your music.

Audio Interface

An audio interface is the entire brain of your system. It can provide high-quality sound recordings and allow playback. 

All your instruments and equipment would be connected to it. It takes their analog signal and turns them into digital information that the computer can process. It would be better to get one that has quality converters, as it will give you a better performing interface. You might not need an audio interface in the beginning, but it will become necessary once you are setting up a small home studio. 


The final piece of music equipment that you will require in the beginning is a good quality microphone. It is not necessary if you are only going to make tunes without vocals. But you will need to have an excellent microphone to record vocals. There are plenty of options, but you can get any studio microphone in your price range.


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