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ReachingNOVA & Teemonee – “Legends” (EP Review)

ReachingNOVA & Teemonee are 2 rappers hailing from New York that’ve been active in the underground scene for a while now & this is their collaborative EP.

The EP kicks off with “KLMG”, where the duo go back & forth with each other repping their crew over a beat that sounds like the apocalypse is taking place. The next song “Thriller Music” sees the duo flexing over a bassy instrumental while “The Other Side” pays tribute to the loved ones they’ve lost over a cavernous beat. The track “Phoenix” talks about holding onto faith over a spacious instrumental while the penultimate song “Fusion” talks about backstabbers over a vibrant instrumental. The title track that closes out the EP finds the duo hoping that that the world remembers them & I love the atmosphere the instrumental gives off.

This is a pretty solid EP. The production is nice, both of their pen-games are witty & the chemistry between both parties is very natural. Really looking forward to seeing what they do from here. Be sure to visit their respective websites for more on there music and releases, TheNovaConcept.com & TeeMonee.com

Score: 7/10


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