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Q&A With New York Newcomer CRACK63X


Please tell us how many years have you been making music? Also, how did you come up with your artist name CRACK63X?

I’ve been making music for like 2 and a half yeas now but I’ve always written music as a past time. i came up with the name CRACK first when i was in high school because my family was heavily involved during the crack era in Brooklyn, NY. My dad being locked up for an extended period of time for being involved and still seeing and having past addicts as grandparents, cousins and Aunts. Felt like i would take the negative and turn it into a positive. and 63x is my brand, its 6 3 times “666’’ its gonna be on clothing very soon so stay tuned!

A lot of Hip Hop greats are from New York! How are you being 100% original and different? What is separating you from all the other up and coming MC’s coming out the NY scene?

My range is insane. i can dumb my raps down to being simple and profound or i can be a lyrical miracle like most of my fellow New York natives would like but my main difference is that I’m truly being myself.

When new fans come across your music for the first time, what do you want to to take from it?

I hope they can hear how much fun I’m having and how much i love this shit. i really make music because i love it and its the one thing i know for certain I’m good at no matter what people say.

Tell us about your Hip Hop and/or music influences?

My biggest influences just stylistically are like Maxo Kream, wintertime zi, earl sweatshirt and big pun! Those are the definitely rappers that I’ve tried to imitate in order to find myself musically.

Please breakdown the creative process of your new single “DIRTY B**CHES”. Also, who produced the video?

The Video was produced by my videographer and editor AMR, owner of AMR productions (@amr_productions on Instagram). i came up with the song on the train and i loved that hook and at first i freestyle it and said i would go back and change it but i ended up keeping it because my verse was tight. i thought of the idea to have the dog in the video for like a double entendre.

Some people might but you into to category of “MUMBLE RAP”, how do you feel about that term? If anything, what other term you feel like you fall under?

I don’t think i mumble at all but i guess i can see how i fall in that group style wise. i am the best rapper alive if you ask me and people who actually listen to my music. i can outrap anyone period. There isn’t one term that can describe my music.

Rappers nowadays think by throwing up a few videos up on social media and pushing quick projects, they can blow up overnight! Give us your view on how over saturated the market is right now with so many MC’s/Producers but not to many quality music.

I agree that its super over saturated and that i wish a lot of people would stop rapping but i also feel like talent and hardwork will always shine through no matter if you like it or not. i have something to show the world. i don’t think about blowing up as much as i want to just connect with people using my version of what good music is.

If it came down to 1 ALBUM only, what underground Hip Hop album would you consider THE BEST OF ALL TIME!!!???……One 1 album you can choose.

It would probably be Flower Boy by tyler the creator because that album has a huge pallet of emotions to choose from each song.

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Underground hip hop is not only the future of hip hop but also the future of music itself. if you aren’t listening to the underground then you aren’t up to date on shit

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.


Lastly, and shout out?

Shout out to @amp_prod

Shout out to @dissociateddd my engineer

Shout out to @makenobeats the producer

Shout out to the underground hip hop blog for sharing their platform


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