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Q&A With Hip Hop Newcomer Badillo

Hey Badillo! We really appreciate and love new cutting edge Hip Hop, truly being the definition of Underground! Please tell us how many years have you been making music? How do you describe your sound?

I been making music for about a year now, but I started off being interested in rap by taking an interest in poetry in sixth grade. As for my sound I would describe it as the type of music that you bump when you’re chillin’, sparking up, just doing your own thing. I enjoy dark melodies and a moody vibe in general but I can turn up and get aggressive when the time calls for it. Haha.

Tell us who are your Hip Hop and/or music influences? Any local city influences?

One of my biggest influences when it comes to wordplay, cadence, and use of metaphors is Eminem. I was influenced a lot by RnB at a young age, artists such as J. Holiday, Ne-Yo, and The Dream. As for Rap, aside from Eminem, I was influenced heavily by Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie, 2Pac,The Game and later on artists like Drake. As for Local Artists, Lil Rob is definitely one of them.

Please breakdown the creative process of your new album “Late” . Also, tell us about the simple yet eye-catching album cover!

“LATE” started with the song “COLDER” where I caught myself expressing the shit I was going through after one of the hardest years of my life. I’m still trying to find my sound but I feel that through “LATE” I love expressing myself in a dark vibe. Every song is a part of a story and was packed with emotion while I was writing it. I used metaphors and wordplay to get my point across. The album cover was actually something I designed myself on photoshop, I wanted it to capture the emotion expressed through the story.

Seems like being independent is the way to go nowadays in the over-saturated underground Hip Hop game! How has your perspective changed when it comes to maintaining being indie, or is your goal to get signed one day!?

My perspective changed mainly because most of the artists that I was influenced by always told stories of themselves handing out mixtapes, and chasing record deals but later being cheated by the industry. So now I believe in staying independent. I’m big on ownership but I’m not naive enough to completely oppose a record deal, only because it could be the route to get my music heard the more ears that hear my music, the more people I can help.

How are you dealing with this Corona Virus epidemic right now?

I’m an essential worker, so I am out working most of my day. It’s just a lot of masks and sanitizers.

How often do you perform LIVE! Any chance you will be performing out in the West Coast?! Any tours on the way?!

I’ve actually never performed live, but hopefully if and when this pandemic goes away I will book some shows and turn up with my fans.

Any new projects/videos you are working on!?

Due to the current situation, I don’t have a plan right now, but that could always change, I try to stay busy. I’m actually already working on a four to five song Summer EP and definitely more music is on the way. So people should prepare their blunts Haha.

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

To me Underground Hip Hop is the rawest version of the art form. It’s hip hop that doesn’t worry about selling albums, instead focuses on the artist’s creativity whether that be party music, political music, or emotional music. Underground Hip Hop is the core of culture in my opinion.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links?

Website: badillohiphop.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Badillohiphop
IG: https://www.instagram.com/badillohiphop
Twitter: https://twitter.com/badillohiphop
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDmOWokx5hp7MUujofhdHQ?view_as=subscriber

Lastly, and shout out?

Shout out to my producers, Jorge Sevilla and Subject. Shout out to BADMAN and CristaltheKat my only two features and Shout out to the fam and everyone who gives unknown artists a shot. And lastly, Shout out to y’all for allowing me to showcase my skill and my story. Thanks!


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