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CRACK63X – “DIRTY B**CHES” (Single Review)

New York native, CRACK63X, is a complex character. On the one hand, there is a clear burgeoning talent just waiting to be discovered by the right person, and on the other there is this incredibly goofy and sometimes outlandish persona that contrasts any seriousness that talent might bring to the table. His latest single, “Dirty B**ches,” embodies that conflict perfectly.

CRACK is currently in the middle of something he calls Free Crack Friday, where every Friday he drops a brand new song. April 3rd brought us “Dirty B**ches,” a track with a catchy and somewhat vulgar hook, and seemingly unrelated verses, but that might be exactly where the song’s appeal comes from. There’s a booming trap style beat layered with a great flow. Everything about the song peeks the listener’s attention, even if the lyricism could be considered just slightly above average. CRACK really isn’t saying much, if anything, but that’s the point. One line is bragging on his skill, the next is dissing someone, and the next is about the type of girls he likes. There is no clear pattern on what he’s about to talk about, and it’s all kind of generic in subject matter, but I feel that works perfectly for this song. Crack just doesn’t seem like the type of guy to take things too seriously and instead puts his creative focus into making things he would enjoy listening to. To be honest, it contradicts a lot of what I normally critique people on, but when it works, it works.

“Dirty B**ches” may not be anything revolutionary, but it succeeds in its own lane. It’s not comedy rap, you’d be hard pressed to call it mumble rap, and it certainly isn’t conscious rap. It’s just CRACK63X being CRACK63X. Maybe it’ll be your next house party banger.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Production, Tone

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