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Billyracxx – “Butterflies, Pt.1” (EP Review)

Texas is known to be home to big guns, and bigger personalities. One thing that you may not immediately credit to the state is artistic creativity, though. Houston native Billyracxx is here to dispel that assumption with his five song EP, “Butterflies Pt. 1.”

“Butterflies Pt. 1” is only five songs long and has a run time of 16 minutes and 8 seconds, yet is packed from top to bottom with style. Each track is flooded with autotuned vocals laced over a very well produced instrumental, the majority of which are guided by infectious trap drums. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of autotune, since it’s most often used to disguise a lack of ability. There are, of course, counter examples, like T-Pain, who use it primarily for stylistic purposes, but I don’t generally view that to be the case most often. I am making no statements about this project in terms of that, however I am going to use this as a segway to say that I have no clue what Billyracxx’s voice actually sounds like. If he were to walk up to me on the street, I would never recognize him without seeing his face. There is a lot of autotune for a 16 minute run time. Lyrically, I can’t say that the EP is anything special. It really just does its job at being catchy.

There are some notable lines here and there for the messages they convey, but there isn’t a great amount of wordplay or metaphors being employed in the writing. I can’t always say that’s a negative thing, especially for a project as vibe heavy as “Butterfllies Pt. 1,” but it is worth noting. As I mentioned before, the production is fantastic. Each beat has its own sound entirely but still does not feel out of place next to the others. Every piece of each ensemble is clean feels just right. It’s super obvious that a lot of care and passion was poured into each instrumental, and I can’t rave enough about them. They’re really good. All in all, I’d have to say that “Butterflies Pt. 1” is definitely worth a listen, but probably won’t be making anyone’s top 10 this year. Check it out if you just want something to chill to. Also, side note, Billyracxx has some of the most creative album/single covers ever, check out his discography on Spotify.

Rating: 7/10 Highlights: Vibe, Production.

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