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Discover Local Artists: Ernest Muzik + Ockley + M.K. Gray + Langston Doobs + Suntonio Bandanaz

Discover Local Artists is a segment by Mistah Wilson where he discusses the latest artists who join thawilsonblock network. The purpose of this segment is to help local artists become formally recognized on their local music scene.

  1. Meet Gospel/Contemporary Christian Singer "Ernest Musik" from Cleburne, TX http://bit.ly/2WFoXaa
  2. Meet Soul R&B Musician OCKLEY from Lusaka, Zambia http://bit.ly/2Ihh6a5
  3. Meet Country Songwriter M.K. Gray from Normal, Illinois http://bit.ly/2Zs1INP
  4. Meet Hip Hop Musician "Langston Doobs" from Seattle, WA http://bit.ly/2KLpCzG
  5. Meet Suntonio Bandanaz aka Asun, a pioneer of Seattle Hip Hop http://bit.ly/2Fanu0L

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