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Supporting Local Artists Episode1 by Mistah Wilson

Supporting Your Local Artists is a segment on WilsonBlock100 Radio where Mistah Wilson discusses 10 topics from http://www.thawilsonblock.net Every post on our blog gets published in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine on the 10th of every month. This segment was created so that our YouTube audience can experience ThaWilsonBlock Magazine.

Contents: (Download This Podcast: http://bit.ly/2m3YD4S)
EVENT: Metro Art Presents "Fil...mmm at Union Station" | City of Gold http://bit.ly/2J4tmYz
EVENT: Art & Architecture Tour of Union Station http://bit.ly/2KWhAkI
EVENTS: Metro Art Moves + Art Tours of Rail Stations http://bit.ly/2MX2Y5r
"New World" song by Eli Gardiner (Virginia Rose) http://bit.ly/2J3al8K
Who Was "Fela Kuti"? http://bit.ly/2ueXRpp
Article Interview with Seattle, WA-based Electronic / Rock Group "Djime" http://bit.ly/2NxZcjV
"The Grey Area" EP by 3rty & Kid Marley http://bit.ly/2KESQ4s
Yona Marie - "My Soulful Baby" (((AUDIO))) http://bit.ly/2KRyQuQ
Trife Diesel "Multimedia" (((AUDIO))) http://bit.ly/2lYDTeJ
Boss Beezy "Nothin New" (Music Video) http://bit.ly/2KXlb26

    ThaWilsonBlock Magazine is a monthly digital publication showcasing local arts & culture. We are committed to the discovery and formal recognition of local talent.

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    Article Interviews! (Now Booking)
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    20-Question Exclusive Article Interview http://bit.ly/2Nxb7yt

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    WilsonBlock100 Radio: http://bit.ly/2NzDHz5

    Mistah Wilson offers free consultations (with limited time) to artists in ThaWilsonBlock Network. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas you'd like to share with him, here is how to reach out!
    Phone (626)817-6978
    Email mistahwilson@thawilsonblock.net

    Make a Generous Donation to Supporting Your Local Artists segment. Your donations go toward local artist outreach, equipment to represent artists in best possible way, and commissions for artists projects such as Magazine Covers, Sponsored Graphics services, & more...)
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